Lily - Teen Class Student

"The classes are wonderful. Leigh never makes your scene rushed and spends as much time as needed to improve and extend your acting skills. His feedback is always so helpful, he is open to ideas and there is never a wrong answer. The feedback not only develops the scene but also aids in self-evaluation. Improvising is welcome throughout the performance and he expresses that the connection between yourself & scene partner is most important."

Anna - Parent

"Josh comes home beaming every week. He loves Leigh's passion and guidance."

Robert J. Ulrich, 

Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director

Leigh Parker is an extraordinary talent. His acting exudes such a sense of honesty, which emanates from his soul as he one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. I can’t recommend Leigh highly enough.

Leigh Kilton-Smith,

Hollywood Acting Coach

If you can I advise any actor to study with Leigh! He has the heart of a poet and the determination of a soldier. He is a teacher I am proud to recommend to actors!! Do this now!

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