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This acting class is for passionate actors who want to develop, refine, and expand their acting process. Whether you are here to build a foundation or pursue a career as an actor, this is an environment for us to explore your unique personality and embrace your authenticity.

Scene Study & Audition Technique

What is Scene Study? Acting! No theory/drama history/theatre games etc. Just you and your scene partner making discoveries in the moment and allowing the story to come alive through your connection.

Week 1 - Audition Technique:

Actors will receive an audition scene in the days leading up to week 1. We will use these scenes to practice our auditioning skills on-camera. Learning how to make strong, specific, high-stakes choices that have us living fully! We then watch them back in the screening room and discuss (time permitting).

Week 2 - Scene Study:

You will have been assigned a scene and a scene partner during the week prior. We begin workshopping the scenes, discovering clues in the script that inspire our imagination to create strong and vivid relationships.

Week 3 - Scene Study:

We expand on the week prior and continue to build the imaginary circumstances, deepening our connection with our scene partner, and exploring beyond our comfort zone.

Week 4 - Scene Study:

Now we learn to unleash our imagination by giving it physical things to play with! Using the sets, props, and wardrobe, we practice really letting ourselves LIVE truthfully in imaginary circumstances.

Week 5 - On-Camera Scene Study:

It's time to let it all go! Trust all the work you've done over the past 4 weeks, allow every moment to be brand new, and have fun! And while we're at it let's put a camera on you! With everything you've explored and experienced while working on your scene, let's put that into the context of an audition situation. Here we will learn to let our work be totally free, spontaneous, and exciting when the camera is watching. Let's catch lightning in a bottle!

Week 6 - Audition Technique:

Just like in week 1, you'll receive a new audition scene. Use everything you have practiced to approach this scene with new life, courage, and confidence! Time permitting, we'll watch the scenes back together and discuss what we have learned, what we are still learning, and which areas of our craft we want to grow in moving forward. This is a wonderful time for group discussions about acting, as well as 1-on-1 feedback and guidance with your acting coach.

Weekly Rehearsals:

Actors are encouraged to meet with their scene partner once per week (in-person or on facetime) to run lines/discuss their scene/explore choices and possibilities etc. 

  • Address: Unit 4/17 Main Dr, Warana QLD 4575

  • ​3 hours per class

  • 1 night per week for 6 weeks

  • Scenes provided

  • Each actor receives 1-on-1 Coaching, feedback, and guidance in every class.

  • Actors participate in every class.

  • Actors receive links to downloadable copies of all scenes filmed.

  • Cost: $375


Upcoming Class Schedule...


June(ish) 2023:

Tuesday Nights
6 pm - 9 pm

May 30th - July 4th

Thursday Nights
6 pm - 9 pm

June 1st - July 6th


July/August 2023:

Tuesday Nights
6 pm - 9 pm

July 11th - August 15th

Thursday Nights
6 pm - 9 pm

July 13th - August 17th


Beginners Welcome!

This course is open to ALL skill/experience levels. Each student is coached according to their individual level and goals, it's about improving. There is no right or wrong, no winning or losing, just exploration and growth. 

Adult classes are 3 hours in length and are limited to 10 students per class. 

This ensures that everyone gets optimal time to develop their skills with 1-on-1 coaching.

Visit a class for free!

What better way to get a feel for a new class than by... coming to one! You are invited to come along and watch a class in action. You'll get to see exactly how the classes work, and decide if they'd be a good fit for you. Contact us to schedule a visit. See you soon!

To learn more about Leigh and the studio's background, click here.  

If you have any questions about our acting classes or would like to sign up, click here:

Leigh Parker Acting Studio
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