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Audition Coaching

Have a big audition?
Let's work on it together!

I'll be your coach, reader, and camera operator, everything you need on the day ;) Your authenticity will be encouraged and explored as you create moments that are fully alive! It'll be a blast! 

Scenes will be shot in 4k, with studio lighting, and you will be mic'd for clean sound. After filming is complete, we will watch the takes back in the screening room, and I'll help you choose your best takes. Those files will then be uploaded to a private Google Drive folder, which you will have access to for download and sharing.

What's Included

  • 1 -on- 1 Coaching with Leigh

  • Self Tape Filmed on 4k Camera in a Professional Film Studio

  • Professional Sound and Lighting

  • Sit with Leigh in the screening room to help choose your favorite takes.

  • Files available to download and send same day. 


$100 per hour

If you have any questions about our acting classes or would like to sign up, click here:

Leigh Parker Acting Studio
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