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This masterclass is designed for actors who are pursuing a career in film/tv or preparing to do so.


Each day is an intense deep dive into each significant step of the process an actor takes, from the work you do immediately after receiving the material, to the audition/screen test, to your work on set.

At the end of the workshop, each actor will receive a professionally edited copy of their scene for their showreel!


Day 1 & 2 with Leigh Parker

A deep dive into the craft of acting.


How to approach, absorb, and explore the material in a way that connects you fully to the imaginary circumstances, the relationships within, AND allows you to live authentically moment to moment!


How does it work?


You will meet your director and writer weeks prior to the masterclass, who upon getting to know you, will pair you up with a scene partner and write an original scene specifically for you both! These are the scenes you’ll be working on for the duration of the Masterclass.


While workshopping your scene, Leigh will guide you through:


  • Script exploration (not analysis!)

  • Cultivating a mindset that primes you to make discoveries and expand upon who you already are!

  • How to unlock your ultimate superpower - VULNERABILITY

  • How to achieve the preparation sweet spot - Full and Free!

  • And heaps more

Day 3 & 4 with Bill Hughes!

You’re now on-set being directed by one of Australia’s most experienced and innovative Film Makers! Bill's directing credits include Home and Away, Winners and Losers, All Saints, McLeod's Daughters, and countless other Australian hit TV series.

You'll be shooting your scenes on a real studio film set, with a crew, props, wardrobe, the works! Learning all of the most important film craft techniques you'll need along the way!


  • What it's like working on a fully built, lit, and dressed set with furniture and props.

  • Being filmed from multiple camera setups

  • Working in a soundstage environment

  • Being directed by one of the most experienced film/tv directors in Australia!


Weekend 1: May 27th, 28th 9:00 am -3:00 pm

Weekend 1: June 3rd & 4th (Call times TBD)



Pluggas Film Production Studio: Unit 4/17 Main Dr, Warana QLD 4575 - (Sunshine Coast)


How Much




Question: Where can I find out more about Bill Hughes?

Answer: You can learn more about Bill by visiting his WEBSITE or viewing his list of credits on IMDB.

Question: Who provides the scripts?

Answer: Bill and Tonia will be providing custom scenes for everyone.


Question: Will I get a copy of my scene?

Answer: Yes! Everyone will receive a professionally edited copy of their scene. Feel free to use this for your online acting profiles, add it to your showreel, or use it when submitting to agents. 

Question: Is there a payment plan or split payment option?

Answer: Absolutely! Contact us and we’ll set it up :)

Question: Am I required to be there for the entire time?

Answer: You are required to be present for the entirety of the first weekend. However, for the filming portion, actors will be allocated a time slot (and sent a call sheet) for the time they are required on set to shoot their scene. We highly encourage everyone to hang around to watch other scenes being filmed, as there is so much that can be learned from just being on set, but it is not required.


Question: I won't be able to make it this time, will there be another one in the future?!

Answer: Definitely!  We'll do this at least twice per year, so don’t sweat if you miss this one ;)

To sign up, or for any questions, reach out here:


Phone: 0473 545 134

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